Stillness and Spring Retreats at the Farm

Standing in Stillness is the name of our next horse retreat here at Imagine Equus Farm.  This March we will be welcoming a small group of women attorneys here to focus on Well-Being and Empowerment.  We don’t ride the horses.  Instead, we work with our unique herd to get back to the heart of what matters through connection and Equine Facilitated Learning exercises.  Ok, what does that mean?  Equine Facilitated Learning is interactive exercises wherein humans work directly with the horses and donkeys under the guidance of a facilitator.  In doing so, the horses/donks are able to show us surprising amounts about ourselves and new and different ways to look at the world & our connection to self and others.  We learn to step back and look through the eyes of the horse.  It’s pretty incredible to refocus and see life with an attention on joy and authenticity with no room or place for stress and drama.  Our retreats are a place where everything gets to be 100% about you.


The name Standing in Stillness was meant to be reflective of what time here at the farm and retreat could be.  A place solely for you.  A time to be able to drop the work & family & other responsibility that keeps our minds so filled that there is no place left for you.  A place to just be.  An opportunity to find and swim in the warmth of self and ponder the possibilities for what you would like your future to hold.  Maybe the thought of stillness may be a turn off or even frighten many busy lawyers.  We are always on and always excelling for everyone else.  What if by slowing down I discovered I haven’t left much for myself?  Maybe it’s just easier pushing through and not thinking about it.  I am strong and can handle anything after all, right?  In a recent retreat, at the very beginning, I asked everyone to take just 60 seconds to be.  Not like meditating.  But, rather, time to just notice what was going on around.  Smelling the air, listening to the birds, noticing the steer.  After the minute had passed, one of the participants said, “Oh my gosh I thought I was going to go crazy.”   She, like most of us, is programmed to be doing 6 things at once and sitting even for a mere minute, just taking in nature, the quiet, the beat of her own heart was not task worthy in a world where knocking things off lists is survival.  And, we usually are not included on that list whether it be by design or just knowing we’ll never make it that far down.


Our retreats are purposefully kept small to assure that each of our participants has the space needed for their own unique experience while here.  We spend lots of time in nature, outdoors and with the herd.  The food we eat is healthy and delicious catered by a local woman chef.  The accommodations are gorgeous and peaceful either in our tiny home cabins or our Chalet with incredible Blue Ridge Mountain views.  Our retreats are all about positivity, growth, connection, healing, empowerment and letting go of that which no longer serves you.  If you need that space in life to regroup, let go, be inspired and have an incredible time with like minded women and our amazing animal herd, check out our upcoming retreat.

Standing in Stillness: A Unique Retreat for Attorney Well-Being

March 29th– April 2nd, 2023

Imagine Equus Farm in Green Creek North Carolina


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