September Attorney Well-Being & Empowerment Retreat

A little over a week ago, we just finished a pretty wonderful Women Attorneys Retreat here on Imagine Equus Farm.  I am always honored when attorneys choose to come work with me and the herd knowing there is a big leap of trust that goes along with that decision.  Maybe it’s kind of like the leap of faith I took when I bought a horse farm in North Carolina and then later decided to leave my busy California trial practice to learn to facilitate people and equines in these very unique retreats.  I have always been about positivity and so I think that is why in addition to “well-being”, I have included “empowerment” into the description of our retreats.

I know that there is a lot of negativity associated with the practice of law in general.  The truth is that it is rare that client’s come to us because they are in a good place.  It is often that we cross people’s paths in their worst and most vulnerable moments.  Perhaps, this is in part why the 2018 Lawyer Well-Being study showed we didn’t have a lot of it.  Beyond that, we work in a profession where we are continually expected to hold space for others, our own emotions have to constantly be quashed, we are expected to work unheard of hours and always win.  Add to that then going home where we have children, husbands, partners, pets, parents and others relying on us with needs and expectations – and well, as you know, there are just never enough hours in a day.  But we still do it and succeed day after day.  The problem is that though we may appear wildly successful on the outside, inside there is no space left for us.  Having been a heavy duty trial lawyer for 34 years, I understand.

At Imagine Equus Farm and through our retreats, we make the focus all about you.  We provide you with gorgeous and  super comfortable accommodations here at our farm in our tiny home cabins and also a few miles away at our stunning Chalet with amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The meals that we do serve are all super healthy and delicious, being catered by incredible local women chefs.  While you are here you will receive a healing treatment such as Reiki.  We keep our retreats super small with generally no more than 6 participants so that everyone gets to do everything and be heard.  Our focus is on letting go of that which is no longer serving you and filling you instead with that that inspires.  Our equine herd are great teachers in presence, authenticity, congruency, non-verbal communication, wisdom, balance, boundaries and also things like joy and playfulness. We spent lots of time outside, in nature and with the animals too.

These pictures captured a few of the moments from our most recent retreat that may give you a bit of the feel. There is also a video on our FB page Imagine Equus Farm, Kim Kupferer, if you’d like to see more.   And by the way, we don’t ride the horses, so no horse experience is necessary.  Also, this is not therapy, it’s about experiential learning with the equines and even the land.  Rather than being talked at, a lot of your time will actually be in doing.  If this sounds interesting to you , we have one Women Attorney’s Retreat left this year scheduled for September 21st. It’s a really beautiful time here in North Carolina just as we switch from Summer to Fall.  If you are a non-attorney, we have some pretty cool retreats for you too, our next being November 2nd.




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