Retreats Starting Back at Imagine Equus Farm!

We are so excited to be starting up retreats again for 2023 at Imagine Equus Farm!  Spring is always such a wonderful time at the farm anyhow.  Everything seems to be coming to life.  The pastures have greened up.  Birds are everywhere. Flowers are in bloom and everyone is so grateful for the longer days of light and the warmth.  The weather is just optimal for our retreats.

We are also thrilled to be adding our new little colt Indigo into our retreat team.  We were able to save him last October from being shipped to Mexico for slaughter.  The sweet little guy arrived here from the kill pen auction very sick and very beat up.  It took us until the first of the year to get him healthy.  The last few months he has been integrated with the rest of the herd and has been flourishing.  We have loved having his baby energy, curiosity and desire to learn around.

One of the things that is unique about our attorney well-being & empowerment retreats is that our facilitator is an attorney herself.  She practiced at the highest levels doing lots of trial work and handling death penalty trials.  We think that’s important because she really gets the relentless work and everyday stress that goes along with being an attorney and has designed our retreats with that in mind.

Our retreats are also really focused on positivity & empowerment.  So while we create a wonderful experience for you with the animals at the Farm, our goal is also to provide you with skills to take home to enhance both your overall well-being and also your legal work.

Finally, we are also unique in that we generally only have a maximum of 6 participants per retreat.  We want to make sure that each of our guests get the full experience during every session we do by actually getting to do it rather than just watch others. Our Spring and Summer Attorney retreats are set for April 26th to 30th, 2023, June 14th-18th, 2023 and July 26th-30th, 2023.

Are you ready to make yourself the priority?  Ready to shake off that which is no longer serving you and come back at life with a fresh perspective?  Need some time in nature away from the work & all of your other responsibilities?  Ready to see just how sweet a hug with a miniature donkey can be?

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