Time, Space & Knowledge: Creating More Through EFEL

Time, Space and Knowledge- Creating More Through Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.

November 1st-5th, 2023

This small women’s retreat is a unique opportunity to redefine your definitions and concepts of Time, Space and Knowledge.   We will use the land, the Earth and equines as our inspiration and guides. We will stay and work between beautiful Imagine Equus Farm and The Tryon Chalet where you will enjoy both quiet and space and also group interaction. Part of your days will be spend doing Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning as a way to open your mind to a different way of seeing, being and connecting. We will combine this with assessing our own thoughts, beliefs and habits regarding time and space.

Time seems to be the one thing there is never enough of.  What if we could make more of it to spend doing the things we love most?  We will seek during our retreat to use the wisdom of the horse to recreate our personal relationship with time and space.  We will look at things like how we physically use our time and what consumes the most of it.  With the direction of the horses and tapping deep into our own intuition, we will seek guidance so we may use our time in ways that are the most fulfilling and joyful for us.  Similarly, we will identify and banish the habits and behaviors that are hijacking our lives and consuming our head space.

The intent of the work we do here is to let you learn through experience with the equines, yourself and even the group.  We also want to provide you with a exciting, thought provoking and relaxing getaway.  Much thought has gone into the cabins and chalet you will be staying in so that it can be your peaceful oasis away from home.  The food we serve during the retreat is local organic, healthy and delicious.  We want your time here at Imagine Equus Farm to be incredible!  We also want the experience to provide you with the insight and excitement to integrate some of what you experience here into your everyday life.

As with most of our retreats at Imagine Equus Farm, the timing of this retreat is very purposeful. This retreat in the height of Fall which is so wonderful with the trees normally in full Autumn colors. A lot will be in transition with nature which always leads to incredible retreat time.

So why an EFEL retreat?  Well, first horses are awfully cool to be around.  The work we will do with the horses is “experiential” in nature.  That means you learn by doing and engaging rather than being told or talked at. No lectures here.  This retreat is not about riding the horses either. Rather, it is about finding ways to connect with them- to understand them at a different level. Why might you want to do that?  Horses are amazing communicators. They have an incredible ability to stay present and read energy.  As such, they are also wonderful teachers to help us develop an ability to be really present, be aware of, and read, incongruity in ourselves and others and be overall more centered and grounded.  Horses are generous teachers, and if we listen, they can help us with our inner balance and overall well-being.

During our retreat time we will be spending time with horses and donkeys.   However, since all of the work with the equines is groundwork, no riding skills or previous horse experience is required.

You deserve an experience and time that is just about you.  Leave the rest of it behind and come join us for this one of a kind women’s retreat.



November 1st  Day 1   10 am             Arrival.  Settle into Accommodations.

2 pm   Group Meeting & Sessions Begin.       6 pm Opening Celebration Dinner

November 2nd   Day 2   9:30-4:30     Experiential Work with Horses and Sessions

November 3rd    Day 3   9:30-1          Experiential Work with Horses and Sessions

1 pm lunch       2 pm   Afternoon of Integration

November 4th   Day 4   9:30-4;30     Experiential Work with Horses and Sessions

November 5th   Day 5   9:30- 1          Final Experiential Sessions

1 pm  Lunch   3 pm   Retreat concludes & departure

Each full day a healthy & delicious lunch will be served at around 12:30. There will also be breaks and snacks. Times listed here may not be exact as we at times will need to be flexible as we are doing the experiential work.  During our down time, there will be plenty of time to explore the wonderful creeks, woods and even our little waterfall on the 28 acres of Imagine Equus Farm.


Retreat Tuition:

$2075. without lodging         $2675. includes 4 nights lodging

Retreat Package Includes Program, 4 Nights Lodging (November 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th) All Materials and Retreat Activities, Daily Lunches and Snacks,  Opening Night Celebration Dinner, Healing Session, All of the Donkey Love You Can Handle.

Extra days may be added to your stay before or after the retreat for $150 a night.

Please note that fees do not include transportation or meals other than those indicated above.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation up to 60 days prior to the event start date results in a credit of half of the retreat tuition.  There is no tuition credit for a cancellation 60 days or less before the event start date.  Because we keep our retreats very small we also need to keep our cancellation policy tighter.  Please note a registration must be submitted and accepted in order to confirm your space in our retreats.

​​Healing sessions at Imagine Equus Farm will be a quiet time to deepen one’s connection to the power and wisdom of stillness and self.

If you would like to join this retreat fill out the registration below.  Once your registration has been approved you will receive a tuition request that will complete the registration process.  Your spot for the retreat is reserved once payment has been received.



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