Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

All of our retreats incorporate some form of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning or EFEL.  Your Retreat Facilitator Kim Kupferer, has put together a unique program for each retreat wherein participants will have experiences with the horses and equines.  The impact of the work with the horses and donkeys can be eye opening and life changing.  Most of all we seek to provide you with a magical and joyful time while you are here. We also strive to equip you with the tools needed to carry over that joy and calm to your everyday life.

So why an EFEL retreat?  Well, first horses are awfully cool to be around.  The work we will do with the horses is “experiential” in nature.  That means you learn by doing and engaging rather than being told or talked at. No lectures here.  This retreat is not about riding the horses either. Rather, it is about finding ways to connect with them- to understand them at a different level. Why might you want to do that?  Horses are amazing communicators. They have an incredible ability to stay present and read energy.  As such, they are also wonderful teachers to help us develop an ability to be really present, be aware of, and read, incongruity in ourselves and others and be overall more centered and grounded.  Horses are generous teachers, and if we listen, they can help us with our inner balance and overall well being.

This is not a horse back riding retreat center.   All of our work is done from the ground.  Our retreats also do not involve psycho therapy for emotional or mental health or physical issues.  While there are some amazing places that do that sort of work, we are not one of them.

Our retreats require no previous horse experience. You will not be required to ride the horses nor do anything you are not comfortable with.

Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to focus upon yourself and open your mind to other ways of thinking, being and even communicating based on the wisdom of the horse.  We are here as facilitators for you to connect with your true self and thereby joy. 

We offer the following…

Experiential Multi Day Horse Retreats for Women

Experiential Multi Day Horse Retreats designed specifically for Attorneys

Single day Team Building, Well-Being Experiential Horse Retreats for Attorneys or other professionals

Private Experiential Horse Retreats Specifically Designed for Your Group

Private Coaching Sessions

Private Post Retreat Sessions

If you are interested in a particular retreat that is not listed, contact us and we will work with your group to find a date that works for you.